jueves, 21 de septiembre de 2017


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  2. Hi, I liked this video, you can see professionals playing handball very well.
    I don´t play this sport but I think that ii is interesting.
    I liked when I practise this sport in physical education but one thing that I don´t liked of this sport is that sometimes it's aggressive.
    It´s amazing seen professionals playing handball.

  3. Hello everyone.
    This video in particular has enchanted me by the professionalism of the players when distributing the ball to their teammates and tampien at the time of dialing.
    I also loved the ease with which they play at least in the images shown in the video.
    In this video I have learned something that does not work; I thought that the time to mark one could not get into the are but in the video come images of players that just when they are going to step on the line of the area, they jump and mark even though they are stuck in the area.

  4. Hello good mornig for everyone.
    I personally do not practice this sport, but I love how professionals play. I do not understand how they can be as good, as they can have that power in their hands, that game vision.
    Now I have seen nothing more I have wanted to start playing handball. Let's see how it is when we practice it in physical education.
    I would like to be a goalkeeper, but I must have very good reflexes, and not be afraid of the ball.
    Well, I have been amazed at how good the professionals are, and I invite you all to porbar at least this great sport.


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