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Game systems of volleyball

    • Having a mentality os attack in volleyball is the useal becasue success is achieved by attaccking. The attack is the most determining aspect of volleyball, although an attempt is made to fight against this imbalance by means of continuous modifications of the rules.
    • The position of the players:
      • Setter: have the task for orchestrating the offense of the team. They aim is to place the ball in the air where the attackers can place the ball into the opponents' court for a point.
      • Liberos: are defensive players who are responsible for receiving the attack or serve. They are usually players on the court with the quickest reaction time and best passing skills.
      • Middle blockers os middle hitters: are players that can perform very fast attacks that usually take place near the setter. They are specialized in blocking.
      • Outside hitters or Left side hitters: attack from near the left antenna. This player is usually the most consistent hitter on the team and gets the most sets.
      • Opposite hitters or Right-side hitters: carry the defensive workload for a volleyball team in front row. Their primary responsibilities are to put up a well formed blocck against the opponents' outside hitters and serve as a backup setter.
    • Attack systems.
      • 5-1: 5 hitters and 1 setter.
      • 4-2: 4 hitters and 2 setters.
      • 6-2: 1 forward to set, 3 in attacking posiotions and the other 2 act as setters.
    • Normally they are used in the K-2 as a response to and auction that ends the K-1. The K-1 atracker has an easy win. The defenders of the first and second lines have to be very aggressive, since it is very difficult to cover 91 square meters of the field well. The defense must start on the net, on the first line. There are three blockers available, while the opponent can attack with a larger number. An aggressive and intimidating block must be interposed so that the ball can be sent to the opponent's ground or allow the ball to be cushioned in the block, generating a counterattack. You must adopt a high position offering the contact area in the blockade as soon as possible.

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  1. Hi.
    I have put the different ways of attacking and defending in volleyball since I think that if we are going to play a sport we have to know how we have to position ourselves and what position is more suitable for us.
    It is also important to know something about each sport, even if they are their positions, or their field or with which they play.

  2. Hi Claudia!
    You are absolutely right, to play a sport you have to know its rules, and sbaer sonde posicionarte if you go to play him.
    I knew some rules of handball Peio had told us, and I imagined there would be some more, but not as many things as you have put.
    I was amazed.
    It's okay, Claudia.
    Bye Bye

  3. Hi, I think this article is very interesting because they are things that were didn´t know. For example, I did not know that the attack was so important. I also had no idea that there were so many positions of the players and much less knew their names. Although I also think that it is perhaps too specific information, since we do not need it to play normally, but I also think that it is worth knowing new things and more if it is a sport that we are practicing.
    So, I have to thank you for making this information available to us


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