miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Gymnastics Skills

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  1. The video has seemed quite interesting, since I have also seen some skills that we are doing or should do, and apart from those you can also appreciate some other things that man does.
    I think this sport is a little risky or dangerous because if you fail a little your arms you give your whole face against the ground. Plus the steps you follow or how you make it perfect or almost perfect. Also when watching the video seems easier, but it is not the same thing to see it.
    I think that the most difficult is the progression of pigeon, since if you do not get to put your hands on the mat, you can fall and give a good blow. It is very cool to see a man helping a woman, it means that everyone can perform this sport alike. This has seemed pretty educational to me, I hope you liked it.
    By: Fiorella

  2. Hi I`m Daniel and i`m going to comment this video: I think that this video is very interesting because it explains many gymnastic skills in about four minutes and some gymastics are forward tumbing, backward tumbling, cartwheel, plinth jump in two times , interior plint jump, exterior plint jump... and this habilities are also with one and two helps, in conclusion i think that this students: Benjamin, Sara, Agustin and Alix do this gymnastics very well, and i learned a lot of this video, and this is my comment about this video, i hope you liked it and you understand.

  3. Hi im casandra and I go to comment the video od my classmate this video has been very entertaining and it explains how to be able to do everything that the teacher sends us and so to do it as the teacher says the part that I liked the most was when he made the pine and then be able to do the somersault back, since My I do not leave because it is very complicated and I do not even get to do the pine only to do the somersault with the somersault


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