domingo, 18 de octubre de 2020


This video explains the necessary exercises that you have to do to have a good resistance playing football, it is very important to do a good workout to then play well, you have to do a series of resistance exercises to play a match hold well and do not have to stop, I think the most important thing when it comes to doing a workout is resistance , because in the end it's what you practice the most and what you use most, for the games, training. So it's very important to maintain resistance.

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  1. I take this video to do my comment, because I like football, I never practice but I like watching. This video has 5 different exercise. The first one is one that I practice similar in basketball. We need three cones, and we have to do a triangle. And run to the front and back. The second exercise we need two cones, and we have to put then in the same distance like 2 meters and we have to run inside them, and sideways. In the third exercise we have to jump some cones and later go back open our legs, I think this one doesn’t be so much hard. The fourth is a exercise in which we need 6 cones, we have to put 3 in one part and other 3 in front, we have to do a zigzag movement, I think I have practice this exercise. The fifth I think is the most difficult of all the exercise the first thing we have to do is a cross, and later pass 3 cones and for finish we have to jump two cones. My conclusion is a great video and have 5 different exercise that in my opinion you can do also for example in basket.


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