domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2020


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  1. Hello I am Hugo Paredes and I have choose this video because I think that flexibility is so Good to all because when you have some problem with one muscle with exercises of flexibility you can fix or you can stay better and also I choose this video to improve your flexibility in your back because I think that have flexibility in the back is so Good because the back is a very important part of our body and with flexibility we can stay better of the back, also because the back can breake easy and with this exercises we do more strong. I think that if you don´t have flexibility you are going to be bad in your live and you Will have problems in your muscles.

  2. Hello I´m Javier Bravo and I have chosen this video because I think the flexibility of your back is very important. In the video they say that you can do different strectches, you have stretches to begginers that this stretches are easier but when you have already done the strethes for begginers a lot of times you can do stretches more difficult for people that have more flexibility.
    I think the flexibility in the back is very important, because you can walk thanks to your back so if you have more flexibility you are less likely to break your back.


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